Originally from Nova Scotia, Judy moved to Ontario in 2003.  After a satisfying career in the public service, it was time to fulfill a personal goal.  Influenced by the work of photographers Josef Sudek, Karl Blossfeldt, and Sally Mann, she prefers and continues to work with historical and alternative processes of photography. Her work is process-driven, thought out carefully in connection with the body of work she is producing. Working with medium & large format film cameras, the majority of her images are completed in the traditional wet darkroom. Digital practices are combined only on rare occasions.    From silver gelatin, platinum/palladium, wet plate collodion, bromoil and polaroid negative reclamation; each process offers the “hands-on” approach necessary for her creativity.

Nature and gardening have always been a part of her life.  It is from these two passions that much of her inspiration is discovered. Form and tonality are key elements to the foundation of her work.  Whether it is hiking the woodlands of this province or tending to her gardens, she is constantly reminded of the impact we, as humans, have on all that is around us.  Judy considers herself an environmentalist at heart and is forever searching for ways we can help improve on what we are slowly destroying.  As a private person, she seeks out areas not commonly visited, discovering beauty in the mundane and flawed, transforming this imagery from realistic depictions to a somewhat more pictorialistic interpretation.